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Relevating’ school into the 21st century

As a school, we are increasingly being asked “how are you preparing your pupils for the 21st century”. What a pertinent question that begs others in order to fully comprehend an answer: - What are children/ school-leavers lacking when they leave the hallowed halls of our educational establishments? - What skills are actually needed in this 21st century where we all find ourselves? - Is what we teach relevant? How?As educators, we often hear from adults about subjects that they remember struggling with at school and have since never really used the information that they learnt. Some laugh it off as amusing and for others there is still a sense of anger at time and effort wasted. Surely, we can do better now.

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General Inquiries​

During School term the School Switchboard will be open between 07h45 and 16h00 Monday to Friday. The switchboard is closed during School Holidays and on Public Holidays.

Primary School Tel: 021 531 0912

High School Tel: 021 531 5011

Email: [email protected]

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