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fees must fall

Fees Must Fall from a different perspective – What skills do we need for the next 10 years?

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Since 2015, large protests have been held by tertiary education students across the country on university campuses over the high fees to get a degree, even worse is the yearly tuition increases are normally above that of inflation, making education more expensive each year.

In essence the students are demanding that fees no longer rise and that education  be even more subsidized. The demonstrations also highlight incredible frustration with the economic make-up of our country, one that has not changed nearly enough since 1994.

Dion Chang from Flux Trends tackles this thorny topic, but his view is that the movement has ”picked the wrong battle in the right war”:

The value of a degree is decreasing internationally as  companies are beginning to search for staff that are adaptable and able to deal with multiple skills in a fast changing marketplace.

Dion Chang – Founder of Flux Trends

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