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Edutainment is about inspiring kids to learn

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When it comes to education every institution, expert, teacher and parent has been searching for the perfect formula to make learning easy and exciting. To make it something that students want to do, want to engage with and want to excel in. It makes sense. Instead of complaints about ‘Why me’ and ‘I hate you’ whenever studies are mentioned, most people would prefer to hear ‘Oh, yes please’ or ‘Can I study now?’

It turns out that there is a secret. There is a trick to inspiring people to learn and engage with their tutors and materials. It’s called fun.  Neuroscientists have discovered that the most effective way to absorb and retain information is linked to positive emotions and sensations. Positive thoughts and moods inspire students to think more critically, to look at inventive ways of overcoming challenges and to get stuck into problems with gusto.

Jess Sunkel in Conversation with Cannons Creek Radio

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