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A Serial Killer is on the loose – Die Storie agter… Permanente Ink | Graad 10 Episode 4

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Its online “serial” time. We have taken this book and have done an audio series of it – catch episode 4 here. This is a new way to share comprehension, articulation, reading out loud, understaning the story as its brought to life by your classmates………………… and  its fun. Now you can listen to the story with awesome sound effects done by our Grade 10 Afrikaans (2nd language) learners. 

Kaapstad word deur ‘n reeksmoordenaar geteister. Die Romeo-en-Juliet-moordenaar se slagoffers is almal tieners. Verliefde paartjies. En almal word op dieselfde manier gevind: die lyke langs mekaar neergelê, hul hande inmekaargevleg. Die meisies het ‘n steekwond in die bors en die seuns is vergiftig.

Terwyl die polisie probeer om die moordenaar vas te trek, beland ‘n groepie niksvermoedende tieners in ‘n gevaarlike web wat al stywer span …

Cape Town is being harassed by a serial killer. The Romeo-and-Juliet-murderer’s victims are all teenagers. Couples in love. And everyone has been found in the same manner: the corpses laid out next to one another, their hands intertwined. The girls have a stab wound in the chest and the boys have been poisoned.

While the police try to pin down the murderer, a group of unsuspecting teenagers land themselves in a dangerous web that is drawing tighter…



PODCAST | Click HERE to listen to episode 4

Once the Podcast is playing, You can download the Podcast via relevant Phone/Computer Settings

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