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Its not rude to talk about money – Join our money expert Sylvia Walker as she teaches us about understanding how it works

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Having spent time with many of the grades  a common thread came up – the lack of understanding around money, what it is and how it works?  We approached Sylvia Walker – renown author, financial planner and public speaker and asked if she would share with us so that we could all learn more about money and how we can understand it and get to grips with how its works, how to save, plan, budget and get the best out of what we have.

Sylvia will join us on a regular basis and share her knowledge. This was our first chat with her and she joined Nick von Stein (Cannons Creek alumni). We first find out a bit more about her and then we move into the money talk.

This would be a great podcast to share with not only your friends, but your teachers and family. Lets all learn together as the months go by.

CLICK HERE to listen to her

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