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GROUP CHAT with your hosts Ratang.M & Abby. G

Group Chat on Cannons Creek Radio – coming to you “live” soon

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Our radio team have been working behind the scenes – practicing, voice training, presentation training, editing and we are getting there.

What an incredible journey this has been. Take a listen to our first GROUP CHAT on (we are rehearsing for going LIVE)

Our aim is to go live in the mornings before school starts to give you all that “get up and go feeling”. This team of young presenters will host the live shows.

Our trainee hosts are Abby and Ratang, on the music side we have Thabang, Tech Talk in  BJ, The Three Beans – Cappuccino (Abby), Espresso (Tristan)  and newest bean –  Flat White (Lucian) and our first primary school candidate Tanaka. Our producer and sound engineer in training is Thomas.

It was just a few short weeks ago that this enthusiastic team got together and took up the challenge of championing “school radio” – a first in SA.  Their enthusiasm has not wavered an inch. They arrive – a bit like a hurricane, but are so willing to put themselves out there and lead the way for others in the school.  Well done team!  Confidence – Collaboration – Critical Thinking.


Download the Cannons Creek Radio APP via Google Play  / Stream us via our site

So much fun is had in the radio training studio – just take a look at this……



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