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Do you have the grit to go on your own? |#Entrepreneur #Naomi Butow

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Founder of MommyMallSA, Naomi Butow takes us through some thought provoking questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to go into your own business, remembering you will still be a full time employee – just for yourself this time.

Naomi Butow – Founder of MommyMallSA

Naomi takes us through 4 key questions that you need to be able to answer before taking that leap and opening your own business;

  • Are you disciplined?
  • Do you have the will to make it work?
  • Are you prepared to work incredibly long hours?
  • Do you know that you can do a lot, but not everything?

We are delighted to announce that MommyMallSA’s founder, Naomi will join us on a regular basis and take you through the process of opening and running your own business. We will also link all her conversations into a series on the site – making it easier for you to find, download or share.

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