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How to choose a business name |#Entrepreneur #Naomi Butow

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Many businesses had to close their doors or re-invent the business in recent weeks. We chatted to Naomi Butow, Founder of MommyMallSA and she shares what is key to focus on when choosing a name of your business and why it is so important.

Don’t name your business now The Lock-Down, as right now this may be catchy and topical, but what happens when this global lock-down passes? You need to ensure that the nam

Naomi Butow – Founder of MommyMallSA

e you choose for your business is relevant and says exactly what you do? Two decades ago, it was fashionable to name the business after yourself, consider this – what may happen in the future if you sell the business?

Its a simple process that many don’t give enough thought to when coming up with the name for their business. There are two simple steps;

  • Naming your business – When you name your business create a brand and a name that is clear about what it is that you do.
  • Your slogan – is a very short description of what you do

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