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But how can we effectively do this during the lockdown period?
Jacqui Tooke from the Pinelands CAN* outlines how we can be involved in many and varied ways to make a difference. Listen to the interview below.

* Community Action Networks (CAN) are citizen-run, suburbs-based, mutual aid groups responding to the non-medical needs that arise from the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown by helping to share resources across the city. CANs are supported by Cape Town Together – check out their Facebook page here:

For more information:

Follow the hyperlink (in blue below) to a document with all the relevant information regarding the varied projects with which the Pinelands CAN is involved.

What is Pinelands CAN all about?

Alternately, please contact:

Jacqui Tooke: 084 666 9566 (for any general enquiries)

Suzi Cinderey: 082 928 1627 (for enquiries about Baking specifically)


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