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Prefectship Interviews

Interviews with ‘the Head’ #PrefectElections2021 #whowillbechosen?

Although it may feel like much of 2020 has passed us by while we were in various phases of lockdown – 2021 is now just around the corner. The matrics are preparing to leave and others are preparing to step into the leadership vacuum left behind.

As part of the Prefect election process at Cannons Creek High School, each pupil has to serve for a number of weeks alongside the current prefects in order to get a ‘real feel’ for what they do and the portfolios for which they are responsible.

Then, before the Prefect elections, the pupils running for prefectship have a live interview with our High School principal – Mr Mike van Haght – during a school assembly. Beforehand, they are required to fill in a slide/s detailing their involvement in Cannons Creek High School since enrolling at the school. They can be asked anything from the slide or about leadership or themselves… quite daunting, as you can imagine!

This year, even though we have not been having normal school assemblies in the theatre, we still ran the interviews using the radio as well as at an outdoor assembly on the grass.
Click on the dates below to listen to the interviews conducted on those days. The names of the candidates that were interviewed are listed below each date.

2021 Prefectship Interviews – 9 October 2020

Kevin, Zoe, Ilhaam, Aliyah, Ayrton, Megan and Ameerah

2021 Prefectship Interviews – 16 October

Kelsey, Jamie, Josh, Nkosi, Sam, Kerry, Paige, Siya, and Erin

Mr van Haght reminded us that it is a privilege to be able to choose our leaders – a privilege and a responsibility. Listen to the interviews and make a wise choice. We wish all the best to those candidates running for prefectship.

“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position.” -Brian Tracy

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