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Relevating’ school into the 21st century

As a school, we are increasingly being asked “how are you preparing your pupils for the 21st century?” What a pertinent question that begs others in order to fully comprehend an answer: – What are children/ school-leavers lacking when they leave the hallowed halls of our educational establishments? – What skills are actually needed in this 21st century where we all find ourselves? – Is what we teach relevant? How?

As educators, we often hear from adults about subjects that they remember struggling with at school and have since never really used the information that they learnt. Some laugh it off as amusing and for others there is still a sense of anger at time and effort wasted. Surely, we can do better now.

So how is what we teach, what we engage in on a daily basis really relevant?

It is a scary question to ask, but it must be interrogated if we are to really educate the future generation rather than simply (or not so simply) getting them to reproduce a body of information with little connection to the world outside our school subculture.

This is where the concept of introducing School Radio on the Go into our school could change the dynamic and would change how we view our learning space. We would be the first school in South Africa to be doing this and our goal is to see it grow and eventually see all schools implementing online radio into their schools. We would like to thank online radio industry innovator Ingrid von Stein, founder of School Radio on the Go for her braveness and tenacity in not taking NO for an answer – this is how we change the way we teach and how our children learn – by making it real.

What happens if we asked the question, how is this relevant?

Who really cares about this information? Who wants to hear this oral? What am I really saying? How does this change the way I see the world? If this is important to us – how do I make others see that, and even make it important to them?
Cannons Creek Radio is about the kids connecting what they learn with the real world; it’s about kids teaching us what they are dealing with and giving it a voice; it’s about kids interacting with a world outside school that is not really that far outside; it’s about bringing more possibilities into the classroom.

This station is to be run by the children of the school, with teachers and other future-thinking professionals providing direction and connection to skills – not the other way around. And the teachers are going to do what we ‘should’ do best: equip, empower and encourage to think.

If we approach this initiative simply as another added aspect of ‘what we do here at Cannons Creek Independent School we are missing the huge potential and heart of this project. This can be a defining feature of our school. “If you come to Cannons Creek, you are part of an actual product that is broadcast and heard all over the world – its not just about being in front of the microphone, its the whole technical issue, music, edit, finance, accounting, marketing and most importantly CONFIDENCE building.

The playground of tomorrow’s creative problem solvers

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